The Georgie

Through her daughter’s heart transplant journey, GCB Founder and CEO Kate Bowen realized the need for a medical gown designed specifically for infants. Using her professional expertise in both the medical field and fashion industry, and working in partnership with the nurses at Boston Children’s Hospital, Kate developed The Georgie—a first-of-its-kind pediatric gown that allows for seamless medical assessment and monitoring, and for parents to easily connect with their babies.

The creation of The Georgie was an immediate hit, and GCB Medical Supply was born.

Read about the Georgie in the journal for specialists in pediatric nursing


The design of the Georgie allows for: Medical assessment & monitoring, Lab draws, Easy access to IV lines, feeding tubes, external, organs and devices, Accommodates IV site protector cuffs with adequate arm and leg circumference, MRI and x-ray compatible with plastic snaps, Signature Peach Fuzz fabric, Patent-pending design facilitates ease of dressing and undressing the patient.


Allows patients to rest comfortably with less sleep disruption, allowing normal growth and development. Reduces needlesticks from lost IV sites and enhances comfort, providing clothing that fits well. Decreases patient negative stimulation resulting in unnecessary agitation during sedation weans, improving patient satisfaction and parent child involvement. Arms of the Georgie can easily stretch over welcome sleeves that contain Velcro, which often leaves painful scratches. Allows parents to bond with their child by doing normal cares of daily living, such as the opportunity to dress their child.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

My son is treated for neuroblastoma at CHOP and every time we are inpatient, he has so many tubes hanging down from his port. Before the Georgie, he would usually end up in just his diaper because after getting examined so frequently, the baggy hospital gown would simply slide off of him and it seemed pointless. The Georgie allows him to stay warm and comfortable (it is SO soft) while still giving his nurses very easy access to his tubing and body for vital signs. He also just got a g-tube, and I am so excited that there are subtle holes on the Georgie for these tubes to go through. Our nurses are always impressed with the design and how practical it is. We are very thankful for the Georgie keeping him looking adorable but also comfortable while in an uncomfortable environment.”

– Megan, Patrick’s Mom