In 2018, GCB Medical Supply CEO and Founder Kate Bowen’s fourth child, Georgia Claire, was born unexpectedly in cardiac arrest. Georgia sustained a six-month hospitalization, including life support, a stroke, life threatening infections and a neonatal heart transplant.

Through her daughter’s heart transplant journey, GCB Founder and CEO Kate Bowen realized the need for a medical gown designed specifically for infants. Building off of her professional expertise in the medical device and clothing design fields, Kate quickly developed The Georgie, a first-of-its kind pediatric gown that allows for seamless medical assessment and monitoring, and for parents to easily connect with their babies.

Georgia’s challenging medical journey and miraculous survival sparked the creation of GCB Medical Supply. Today, GCB is working to reimagine medical supply in ways that will better serve patients of all ages and their families.

Our goal is to level the playing field for the healthy and the healing. Proceeds from The Georgie support regenerative tissue research and Boston Children’s Hospital, and 10% of all GCB Medical.

Supply profits go toward funding pediatric heart research through The GCB Foundation.